Meet Mother Bunny

Meet Mother Bunny

Hi, I’m Jessie, a dedicated life coach Working on my PhD in the field of psychology while working in behavioral health.

I focus on trauma recovery as a (survivor) of childhood trauma, and human sexuality as a person who’s navigated my own sexuality at different levels and genres.  

As a transracial adoptee at the age of 12, being an adoptive mother, as well as a biological mother of four amazing humans, I have gathered knowledge and wisdom from teachers who have taught me as well as school of life which I will share throughout our time together.

I have curated a small but mighty group of phenomenal individuals, each in their own right and specialties to be a part of this wellness journey we are all on. Take a look around, read the bios of the immensely, talented and beautiful souls who work with me, as well as testimonials from clients who work with us right now.  

I AM Mother Bunny, welcome to my den. In this space, You will be Heard, You will be Seen, and You will be Held in Love❤️🐰❤️