Mother Bunny & Company's Mission:

Mother Bunny & Company's Mission:

Are you overwhelmed with life? Are you struggling for connection but can’t see past the expectations and the requirements to perform for you to meet your own needs? Is your emotional bandwidth at its end? Take a deep breath, and give into the embrace of human touch. 

Did you know we as embryos develop the sense of touch even before our eyes and ears? Babies who thrive emotionally and physically are held without restrictions & loved on consistently. It’s a shame as we grow older, those types of connections decrease in our fast paced world where everyone is on a mission of some kind, with goals that seem to get replaced with new ones the minute they are reached. A simple act of touch like a hug can contribute to long term health benefits by lowering blood pressure, heart rate while boosting immune systems and reducing anxiety. It is the universal language of compassion for our fellow human beings, making it fundamental in human bonding,communication and connection. We at Mother Bunny & Co. are dedicated to bring you what you are missing in your life. 

Whatever space you are in your life from the GenZ growing up with smart phones that seem to provide everything but actual touch, the millennial who are overwhelmed with all that comes with being an adult, GenX who had no one to comfort them, to the boomers that only knew to work and provide all the way to the elderly who just aren’t held anymore…. We are here for you. We hear you, we see you, we will hold you in love.Are you in a transition period of a significant relationship? Divorce? Marriage? We are here to guide you through the process from your legal team to a moving team to help you settle in your new place.

Did you change your career or do you have a burning desire to do something different? We will connect you to the right financial guidance team to helping you celebrate your grand opening.

Whatever space of life you are in, we are here to hold you in the space of PRIVACY and support like no where else.